Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Memory

This morning, I refused to watch the news, and I will not watch it at all today. I'm having to good of a day. I woke up, got my husband off to work, and my son off to school, continued with my normal morning routine. Finally, the sun is shining! Received a phone call with plans for Easter Sunday. We will be going to my sister in laws house. I was told it was a pot luck, red neck dinner. I am in charge of the bread and salad. I'm thinking of peparoni bread, and italian bread. Now, I'm not baking the bread from scratch. I take a tube of Pilsbury Italian bread, unroll it, fill it with peparoni, and roll it back up, and bake. It will go well with the spaghetti and meatballs. Don't you think?
Of course, I lost track as to WHEN Easter Sunday is. It got me thinking what we can do for my son this Easter. We have an agreement, that he earns certain things by doing his best in school. Which, in turn, will show with his grades. When my son was younger, we would have a mini egg hunt, using those plastic eggs. On small pieces of paper, we would write a place(ie..check the washing machine. Inside that egg, the paper would read..go inside Dads car) and stick in inside the egg. It was great watching him go all over the house, and outside. The last egg would always say, "Check under your bed!" You would think he'd have caught on. Either he truly never did, or he was enjoying the egg hunt just as much as we were. Under his bed would be his Easter Gift. My son is a health food nut. So, candy was never an option. So his gifts would be a toy, or a dvd or something like that. One year, my son, decided he wanted this video gamer..I think it was nintendo? So he saved bottles and cans, put the thing on layaway(he has been able to get quite a bit and go places just from bottles and cans). He had paid for half of the unit with the bottles and cans. So we decided to pay for the other half, and got him a game to go with it. When he found it, the look on his face was PRICELESS!! That Easter morning has to be BEST EVER! What is yours?


  1. What a great memory! Easters 2007 was a good one! Grace wasn't quite sure what to do, but she quickly caught on that the 20 eggs hidden around the house contained candy or money! She got so into it, we didn't want it to end, so we'd pick up some of the discarded eggs, stash more candy in them and hide them when she wasn't looking! All in all, she probably "found" 100 eggs! 2008 just went so smoothly - Grace in a pretty dress, we did a lot of prep together baking treats, had the family over for dinner.

    I remember how good your son is at saving money! Good for him!

  2. I love that you put clues in the eggs! What a fun way to find your gift!

    It is hard to come up with Easter ideas for older kids, isn't it? My son is 17, so he gets an Easter basket (hidden, of course) full of the snack foods he likes and usually a CD, DVD or gift card. My daughter is only 10, so she gets the more traditional Easter basket with candy and a few toys. She always gets a stuffed bunny or two, also.

    We used to fill hundreds of plastic eggs with treats and scatter them all over our lawn and our neighbor's lawns in the middle of the night. But now that some neighbors have moved away and all the kids are older, we only scatter them in our yard for our daughter.