Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Rant....

This morning I was watching the news. It seems that President Obama's Health Care Reform passed. All I am hearing is how this is wrong. People are going to pay for those who take advantage of the system.
I'm not saying there are those who take advantage of the system, but please don't put people in the same brush strokes. The issues I've had to battle in the past, and looks like I'm still battling, are...
Insurance companies limit treatments, deny surgeries and treatments. Where did they get their medical degree? Even when the specialists, surgens, call the insurance and tell them it IS needed, the person is STILL denied.
People are denied insurance because of "pre excisting conditions". From what I understand, and I admit, I could have misunderstood, that in this reform, insurance companies cannot deny anyone because of a pre excsisting condition. If they do, they are fined like $5,000. So, does that mean they will have to pay the fine, AND turn around and insure them? Will they then turn around and refuse treatments and or surgeries needed? They've been known to do that before.
In the local news, it has been said that Mass. was the blue print used for the reform bill. Well, I live in Mass. If this is what they are using it is completely USELESS!!
Let me tell you my experiences with it. First, you have to have insurance or you will be fined at tax time. I had to apply twice for my family. My husband and I were both denied insurance because we had "pre excisting conditions", and he is a Veteran. The second time, I had to abbandon the fact that my docotors have deemed me physically disabled. My son and I "qualified" for an insurance that we had to pay for. However, when going down the list of family history, it was brought to my attention that if he or I were diagnosed with something that runs in our family, we would be dropped. I could not even be seen by the doc for my disability, I would be dropped. Long story short, it only covered one physical a year and eye glass frames. Nothing more!
As for my husband, a Veteran, was denied. He is a diabetic, which is considered a "pre excisting condition". Yes he can go to the Veterans for that, but not much more. Unless, that is, if he should be in the doctors office and mentions something, or they notice something. But, keep in mind they are only open what use to be known as "Bankers Hours" . If something should happen, or he gets so sick he should be seen, he should be able to go to the emergency room. Well, here is another little tidbit. Hospitals are so overwhelmed that they send people away that don't really have insurance(Veterans fall under that), that they deem not life threatening.
How do I know all of this happens? I've lived it! Still am! See, if you loose your job, or are laid off, you will loose that health insurance. Then you are forced to try to get it on your own. It isn't an easy process. But remember, even if you HAVE insurance, you might be fighting an loosing battle if you should get sick. I have not heard one word about denying treatment or denying surgery. I've been denied both.
Now, my husband has returned to work, was called back from where he was laid off. We are waiting for the insurance cards. We are covered from day one he returned. It is suppose to be one of "The Best" insurance companies in this state. However, this insurance has denied and limited treatments.....I've lived it!
Why hasn't anyone said word one about this issue? This is the real problem. But I guess, when you are someone who doesn't matter to the system for whatever reason, this isn't a problem.
I find it funny that when it is mentioned that the state of Mass, already has the reform, and are proud of it. I'm sorry, but denying people much needed treatments or surgery, is not something to be proud of! Ignoring the fact that people are still being denied insurance because of pre excisting conditions, is not something to be proud of! But then again, what do I know? I've only been living this. By the way, no one has been able to answer these questions. But at the same time, all I hear is that people will be paying for those who take advantage of the system. What about those who have never taken advantage of the system?


  1. That's terrible! I can't believe you are turned away for a pre existing condition. What are you supposed to do? I don't have any confindence in the new system (which I don't know all the ins and outs of, yet). I don't think they will ever come up with something that works for everyone. I'll bet that the politicians are all covered (regardless of the illness or pre existing condition)!

  2. I still cannot believe (and of course, I believe YOU!) the troubles you have gone through - I remember that first time you were denied disability, and what the lawyer (who was supposed to be helping you) said to you. It's just horrendous. And you are right about MA Health Reform - politicians like to pat themselves on the back for passing health reform, but they fail to see the shortcomings...the fact that it doesn't do ANYTHING, really. We have friends - he is self-employeed, she carried the benefits and was laid off before the COBRA subsidy went into effect, so they could not afford COBRA - they were denied Mass Health mainly because he owns property (owns = paying a mortgage on) and that "asset" bumped them out of the financial qualifications for MA Health. Guess the politicians felt it was ok for a family with two young boys to forego check-ups and sick visits....

  3. I said it in a previous post..I don't matter. Well according to the system or government. It is all too clear that there are more people in a somewhat similiar situation like me. What are we going to do? For me, I've been forced to "play doctor" for my family. John started work, got sick, needs to get to the hospital for an iv(he went to the doctors office, and was told to do so). As I am typing this out he is at his job, trying to get some sort of paperwork in order to make that happen. Otherwise, he does have a doctors appt for tomorrow morning. Health Care is a right not a privledge. Currently it is a privlidge. That has been proven to me more than once over these past years. Maybe that is why we are rated 37 where health care is concerned. Not something I would boast proudly about. Sadly, alot of people are proud of what we currently have. I'm more disgusted than anything else. Disgusted that people think this all started with Obama. It started way before he was even elected. The first time I was denied treatment and surgery from the insurance company I had thru my husbands work was approx 20 years ago!