Friday, April 16, 2010


After reading anothers' blog, I was inspired!
I have my wedding picture hanging on my living room wall. Friends came over for a bit. As they were leaving, one of them asked "Whose wedding picture?"

me: "That is my wedding picture."

friend: "No, really. Who is it?"

me: "Look again!"

That went on for a some time. Finally he says, "Oh! That IS you! I can see you were kind of pretty back then."

OUCH! To which I responded "As opposed to what? I'm a DOG now? Thank you for noticing!"

Today, the person who made that comment to me, has since gain quite a bit of weight. Karma, a wonderful thing.

Over the years, I've battled the buldge. I've tried all sorts of diets. I always had the same problem. I would reach my goal weight. When I went on the diet that should maintain the goal weight, I gained everything back and then some. Finally, I went to my primary doctor for help. My doctor never holds anything back, and tells it straight. He told me all those diets I have tried don't work. Think about it. If they did, they would not be in business for very long. Loosing more than 2 pounds a week is not healthy. These diets claim satisfaction of loosing quite a bit in a short time. So, he and I had an arrangement. I would go see him once a month for a weigh in. If I lost four pounds, the visit was free. If I lost less than four, but still lost, I only paid half. If I gained, I would pay full price.
I didn't pay. How did I do it? Honestly, I don't know! But, I managed to get down to a size 8! OK, so that only lasted approximately four years. About four years after my wedding, I found out I was pregnant. I gained 150 pounds in nine months! I never saw size 8 again. Took me about a year for me to reach a size 12. I would walk three miles a day, and on rainy days, I would work out to those excercise tapes.
Today, I am no longer a size 12. I am a size 2. Let me explain. I recently went to Fashion Bug. I needed something to wear for a wedding. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they now carry plus sizes. Their sizes are different than what they use to be. What is normally a 16/18 pant, is now a size 2! For a minute, I allowed myself to feel good about my size. I came back to reality when I saw the shirt sizes. Those sizes didn't change. In the end, I felt good about what I bought.
I will never be a size 8 again. I am finally OK with that. I can no longer excercise, but, I do eat healthy...I don't cook with oil, and have fresh veggies and fruits. Every once in a blue moon, I will velvet cake, or a cheese cake...YUM!
I never like to use the terms, overweight, or fat, etc...I am "FLUFFY" and ya know, that's OK!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Sons Dream

We had to go to parent/teacher conferences Thursday evening. It was the very last parent/teacher conference. We were given yet another confirmation that he will be graduating in June. There were a few new teachers this time around. This school year is the first year for a couple of teachers. One of which told us she wouldn't be surprised to turn on her tv one night a couple years from now, and see our son as a new comedian..the next Jon Stewart, or even Bill Mahar. She had no idea that his dream is to be a comedy writer/comedian/actor. In fact, he worked as an unpaid extra over the summer in a movie. In the fall he will start college, majoring in Theater.
Those that know my son, may think this is quite the stretch. Even I have a hard time picturing this dream becoming reality. Then again, he is my son. Which means he has the strength of my moms side, and the stubborness of my dads side. Plus, he has the ability to dream big, while at the same time, being cautious, on my husbands side. So, making that dream a reality may not be that far fetched. Personally, I am routing for him.
We spend our weekends watching stand up comics from George Carlin to The Blue Collar Guys, and half hour sit coms...Two And A Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond, Reba to name a few. He watches every show as if he is studying for a final exam. I usually spend most of the time watching him. He will mime and act along. He even watches the bonus features...listens to the naratives about certain episodes, and watches those episodes again. Trying to see whatever it was they were talking about, and how they made it work.
Come June my baby boy will graduate high school. As much as I am looking forward to his graduation, I miss the days of having that baby boy who use to love to fall asleep in my arms. Today, I am the proud parent of this amazing young man. A young man I have the priviled of being there as he makes his way in this next chapter in his life.