Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beautiful Outdoors Wedding

My husband and I will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary in July. Our wedding was amazing. I always wanted a family affair. All the nieces and nephews showed up at the reception, a few went to the church. One of the nieces at the reception was only eight months old.
Talk about a surreal moment. There I was, yesterday, at that eight month old babys' wedding. Where did the time go? She looked so beautiful!! When the bride and groom made their way to our table, I could see the excitement, and happiness in her eyes. All the time remembering my own wedding and how she was just a baby.
The wedding was a beautiful outdoors wedding. Like me, she had a family affair. She is one of four girls. Her sisters were all in her wedding. They too, looked so beautiful in their gowns. I watched my brother, father of the bride, as he let his first born go. All the time realizing, the letting go we, as parents go thru. I have to admit, I was OK until, he danced with his beautiful daughter for the father/daughter dance. They danced to "I Loved Her First"? A country song, that always brings me to tears. Yesterday was no different. The song started, and the flood gates opened!
But, all in all, everyone had a wonderful time. We were all excited for the bride and groom as they start their life together.