Saturday, March 20, 2010

The wedding

Today was my nephews', Scott wedding(my sister, Nancy son). Hard to believe my sisters baby boy was getting married today. As I sat watching as he and his new bride exchange vows, there was a flood of memories. I remember when he was born. It doesn't seem that long ago! I remembered how Scott and my niece, Katie(Scotts sister), would spend the night. Mom would watch them. The kids would stay in my room, and I would be on the couch. At Christmas, I had a desk top Christmas Tree in my room. Scott and Katie liked to decorate it. They loved to play in my room. I would play the guitar(not well, mind you) and they would sing along. Eventually, I would go over their house on Saturday nights so Nancy and her husband, Gary could go out. Sometimes they were only next door. At 16, how cool was I? Staying over my sisters house, helping take care of her kids.
My new niece, Natalie, is a beautiful young woman. I'm so happy they found each other! They are so good for and with each other. So much in love! My wish for the newlyweds is that they welcome any challenges they will face knowing they are not facing them alone. That they continue to be as happy as they are today. Congratulations, and much love Scott and Natalie!


  1. Nice! Wait a minute...are they even old enough to get married?!?

    Don't answer that..... ;)

  2. Yes, they are.

    sorry had to answer.