Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going Home

Driving in my home town, I was amazed at how much it has changed. I drove past my childhood home. It has a new address. There are 27 steps that lead up to what use to be the front, with what use to be beautiful lawn along side, and beautiful bushes at the top. At the top of the stairs is now a tall fence. The bushes are no longer beautiful, the lawn along the stairs has been ignored. Today the front faces the circle. It has a small wooden deck in the middle of two sets of stairs. Gives that side of the house, a new dimention to it.

From there I drove the route I use to take to high school, and to The Armory where I use to go for drum corp practices. I was stunned to see the music store was torn down! I use to go there for all my musical needs, and even had lessons. I was told that was going to be used for the state college a couple miles up the road.

The high school is no longer the high school, but now a middle school. There is a newly built high school in another part of town. I use to be a member of the Alumni Band. Eventually, we would practice there. We were given a tour. It is nice and all, just not the same.

The Armory we use to practice drum corp, is now The Senior Center. It also houses a Veterans Services Office. I went there with my mother. I walked thru the halls, pointing out to her what rooms were used for, and where the different offices were. It has been refurbished, and some of the rooms no longer excist. After seeing The Armory, we drove past a field where I practiced with the drum corp. The field is no longer there. Instead, it is a beautiful gated condo community. Those condos have been there for several years now.

From there, we drove by what use to be known as Whalom Park Amusement Park. Yup, you guessed it! All the rides have been taken down, and condos are being built.

It has been said "you can't go home". With everything I saw that day, you could say that is true. However, for me, "going home" has been the memories of what was. Have you been able to "go home" again?


  1. Arggh! Breaks my heart! I think about your old house a lot, and I wish I could walk through it (as it was) one more time. My town has changed, too - where I went to 5th/6th grades are now condos, and they are now looking at regionalizing school systems with neighboring towns, most of the old mill has been torn down. The fireplace in my back yard on Freedom Street is crumbled to the ground...the house doesn't look much better. We're hoping to go to the Park Lands soon...I'm hoping I'm not disappointed!

  2. That's horrible! That was a nice house! I've often thought about driving around my "second hometown" seeing how things have changed there. I would love to bring Liam around. I've told him the stories of the train...the skeeto...and the pond. GOOD TIMES!!