Friday, February 26, 2010


Music has played a very important role in my life. Whether it be drum corp, marching band, singing, or performing in a variety show. All of which I have done. I was told that I would pick up my brothers baritone(a horn used in drum corp) and play it. Not well mind you, but I got a note or two. When I was old enough to march in drum corp, I did. During the same time, I also joined the school concert band. It was drilled into my head that my grandfather was this amazing brass musician. So it was only natural that I play a brass instrument. Over several years in drum corp I was in the horn line. I learned how to play several of the brass instruments they used. Oddly enough, never the baritone. When you are in drum corp, you eat, sleep and breath drum corp. At least in my family we did.
When I entered high school, I left drum corp. I stayed with the trumpet, performing in the concert/marching and jazz bands. It wasn't as strict a lifestyle as drum corp was, but strict none the less. The summers were my own. At 13-14 years old, that was foreign to me. But, still had to practice the trumpet.
Once I graduated high school, I stopped playing. About 15 or so years later, there was a band reunion. My husband and I attended. At the reunion, there was a small band made up of the different graduating classes. After the reunion, there was an interest to keep that band going, asking other alumni members to join. I did, and stayed with it for many years. It was strange to me how I hadn't played for so many years, and after a couple of practices, everything came back to me. A band mate was looking for volunteers to play in the pit for a musical his son was in. I volunteered to play a different horn than the trumpet, but one I had played before. I practiced a couple hours a day, going between the two instruments. Now, I had the annual alumni concert and the musical within a week of each other, using two different horns.
As I've stated earlier, my grandfather was this amazing brass musician. He was a trumpet player, but could play any brass instrument, and did whenever needed. So, I thought I could do this. After all, over the years, I've learned how to play different horns. I could never be more wrong! I kept my word, practiced hard, and played in the pit, just not well. It was the most difficult thing I've ever done musically! Something I swore after that weekend I would never do again! I gained a new respect for my grandfather. He was a one of a kind, true musician!


  1. Hey, you are more musically inclined than I! I had fun watching you at some of the drum corp events - was a little jealous, too! ;)

  2. You have just as musically inclined! I think that you didn't have someone on you 24/7 about it.