Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Dream

I am haunted by this dream I had. My husband was busy talking with these guys who were walking around inside the house, and outside in my yard. They were all wearing polo shirts and dress pants. I'm not sure who these guys were, or what exactly they were doing. They remind me of those people who go around to different stores during inventory. These guys even had the hand held computers. My son was in his room studying or reviewing something for school. I kept going from room to room, watching everything. As I started to walk into the kitchen, I saw this beautiful woman dressed in a light colored dress and a grayish sweater and a handkerchief on her head. She was floating around the yard. No one else noticed as she floated. Every so often she would float to the sliding glass door in the kitchen, look inside at me and smile. As she smiled at me, I felt a warm comforting feeling. She looked so familiar to me, but I could not remember who she was.

When I woke, I recalled the dream in my mind. Still bothered by the floating woman. Who is she? Why does she look so familiar? Do I know her? Why did her smile comfort me? What, if anything does she represent?

It was several days before I realized who she is. My maternal grandmother! I have never met her. She passed away when my mother was around 11 years old. Now I'm wondering why is she in my dreams? Does she have a message for me? Is she just checking on me and my little family?

I told my mom about my dream. Told her of how she smiled, and how I felt. Mom has a book her sister made for her and the rest of their siblings with family info and pictures. Mom opens the book to a picture of this beautiful woman sitting on a porch with her hand on her chin, smiling, and asks.."Is this the woman in your dream?" as if to validate what I just said. I tell Mom, "Yes!" Mom tells me that is her mother. I tell Mom, I realize this.

Mom "Why is she in your dream?"

Me " Good question! I have no idea!"

This dream still haunts me to this day. I wrote my cousin to email me the picture. I describe the picture almost exact. Except, she is not wearing the handkerchief in the picture. Here is the picture...

Looks like the same dress and sweater as in my dream. I wish I got to know her. She must have been an amazing woman!

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  1. I have goosebumps! I wish I had known her, too, but in a way I kind of feel I do know her....weird, huh?